The Challenge

No one is prepared to hear that they have an incurable type of cancer. And their doctors don't want to try a new treatment that hasn't already been tried on hundreds of patients.

But if we look at the cancer's DNA, we can find similar cancers, and how they responded to various drugs. We call this Precision Medicine, and our experts work with your doctor to choose the best DNA test that shortlist treatments personalized to your clinical history.

Here's How we Help

With a team of specialty oncologists, molecular biologists, computer scientists, and reimbursement experts, we assist in the following areas:

  • Tumor profile test selection, based on clinical utility and affordability
  • Treatment options prioritized from approved to clinical trials
  • Gather clinical evidence to support off-indication treatments
  • Comparisons to patients with similar tumor genetic test results

Our Virtual Tumor Board Service

How does our Virtual Tumor Board work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Molecular profiling reveals the tumor's behavior, give us clues on any weaknesses, and the best drugs that can target those weaknesses. But not all tumor profiling is the same, and different vendors can give very different reports. Massive Bio helps you keep them in check.
You were likely diagnosed with the correct cancer type. But since it is very important to get right, we review your progress notes and test results to make sure everything is in order. If a tumor profile report is available, our experts can use it to confirm diagnosis, because we expect a specific molecular profile for each cancer type.
With Massive Bio's experts on your case, you should be. We have access to a rich knowledge-base of drug effectiveness, side effects, and toxicities. With our helpful interface to shortlist options, we work with your doctor to select the most effective treatments tailored to your tumor profile and clinical history.
Through Massive Bio's secure web interface, your doctor sees the treatment history of patients with similar tumor profiles, and how they responded to various treatments. And if you let us use your data, it will most definitely help another patient with a similar cancer.
If standard treatments have failed, then yes. Many promising new drugs have been developed over the last decade, but it will be years until they can be prescribed in clinics. So clinical trials are the safest setting to use these drugs, and we can help you choose the most promising ones.
Most likely, yes. Insurers do not pay for treatments that haven't succeeded in large clinical trials. So we work closely with them to explain the tumor profiles and clinical evidence behind each treatment, increasing the chances of reimbursement. Your own treatment response data can empower us to help other patients avoid making tough financial decisions.

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